Why Travelling Solo Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

travelling solo

Have you ever considering travelling solo, but feel a little apprehensive about taking that big leap all on your own? I get you. It’s only a few years since I took off on my first foreign jaunt all by myself, and I was really nervous about what to expect and if I was making the right decision.

Spoiler alert though… I absolutely loved travelling solo. It was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever been fortunate to have, and it’s something that I’m sure I’ll be doing more of in the not too distant future.

Here are some of the important reasons why travelling solo could be the best thing that you ever do…

You get to fill your itinerary with the things you really love

Travelling with friends, family, or a romantic partner often involves a great deal of compromise. You spend a day seeing the things you want to see, but the next, you’re traipsing around museums that you really have no interest in, or visiting sights that you’d have rather just skipped. When you’re on your own, you get to call all the shots. Sometimes, it can feel really good to be a little bit selfish and admit that this is an absolute joy! If you need a little help with planning, check out these 27 tips from a seasoned lone traveller.

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You can really immerse yourself in your surroundings

When you have a friend to chat to, you inevitably – and often without realising – end up missing out on things that are going on around you. You fail to notice the beautiful architecture that’s right above your head. You walk straight past that quirky bar that serves amazing cocktails. You all too often fail to stop, to breath, and to really take in your surroundings. When you’re alone, you’re far more open to experiencing the present moment.

You’ll come home feeling way more capable and confident

I’m not denying that there may well be times when you’re travelling alone that you feel like you’re being challenged. You have to navigate everything on your own, from ordering your meals to finding your way around, and that can be tiring and stressful. But you can do it. And when you return home from your trip, you’ll feel immensely proud when you reflect on just how well you coped. It’s a fabulous confidence booster!

You’ll meet a ton of new friends

When you travel with friends, you’ll often miss out on meeting other people. Lone travellers often seek each other out though, and you can meet some amazing and interesting friends along the way. Of course, you have to be careful and mindful of your own personal security, but don’t let unjustified fears talk you out of something that you really want to do.

You can start as big or as small as you like

Travelling solo on a round the world trip might seem like it’s just too big to contemplate right now. That’s fine, and you don’t have to rush into big decisions if you feel you’re not ready. Try out a weekend of being a tourist in your own city all on your own, or book a getaway for a few nights to see how you feel. Take it one step at a time, and your confidence will start to bloom.

Have you ever travelled solo? What tips would you share with other readers who are thinking about trying it for the very first time?

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