How To Style Prom Dresses With Your Own Unique Twist

prom dresses

I’ve got a secret when it comes to finding unique outfits for my nights out – whether that’s a special meal in a beautiful restaurant, or drinks in the swankiest new cocktail bar. Whilst my friends are hunting down the hottest pieces on the high street – and inevitably turning up to parties wearing the exact same thing as at least three other people – I love seeking out gorgeous prom dresses that I can add a unique twist to.

It’s practically guaranteed that you’ll stand out from the crowd, and you end up with a beautiful piece that you can continue to wear for many years to come. In an age when we’re realising the true impact of fast fashion, it’s comforting to know that you’re making a difference, even if it’s in a small way.

I never wear my prom dresses straight off the hanger though. Here’s how I add my own unique twists to create extra impact and style that’s completely my own…

Backcomb your hair for extra volume

If you’ve ever done any research into prom hair styles, you’ll know that they typically involve super groomed and neat looks, ideal for formal occasions like weddings. They have their place, but I like to create a bit of a juxtaposition by going for a big, funky, and slightly wild hairstyle. This way, you can enjoy your event without having to worry about things getting a little tousled as the night goes on.

For an extra special look, search for coloured hairsprays in your local supermarket. These days they tend to be really easy to use, and choosing a steak of a colour that matches your dress can create a talking point. Yes, it’s a little bit 1990s. But it’s also a load of fun.


Team the dress with a pair of comfy trainers

Yep, I stole this idea from a certain celebrity. Even though I love fashion, I must admit that I’ve never been into high heels. I find them massively uncomfortable, and I truly believe that they can’t be particularly good for your feet. Wearing flats doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style though. It’s all about owning the look and adding a good old dash of confidence.

Converse are always a good idea, but I’ve also been known to choose Nike Air Max and Adidas Sambas. If the colours clash then it’s not a big idea, though if you’re planning to buy a new pair, going with black or white is a good choice for versatility.

Throw on a leather jacket

A good leather jacket is one of my all-time favourite wardrobe staples, because there’s quite simply next to nothing that it can’t be teamed with. I chuck it over a dress on my way to work. I wear it with a jumper and jeans for weekend shopping trips. And yep, I also team it with my prom dresses if I’m looking to dress it down a little and make it a bit more edgy.

My favourite kind of leather jacket is the traditional bike style. It never goes out of fashion, and can be styled for practically any occasion.

Prom dresses don’t have to be stuffy and overly formal. With a little imagination, you can make them super funky and stylish.

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