3 Modern Dating Rules That I Live By

modern dating rules

When it comes to dating, there’s no shortage of advice out there about what you should and shouldn’t do. Some of it is useful, some if it is more than just a little bit conflicting, and let’s be honest here… Some of it is total nonsense, and won’t serve you in the slightest if you’re a modern, independent, and successful woman.

I’ve read all the rule books, and I’ve thrown most of them straight out the proverbial window. I found most of the well-intentioned guidance dated, and definitely not in alignment with my values. As I’ve recently signed up to a Merseyside dating site, I’ve had to think long and hard about my own values and standards, and how to make the dating game work for me.

These are the modern rules that I refuse to break…

If I want something, then I’m going to unapologetically go after it

If you’re a woman and you’re following the traditional rules of dating, then there’s inevitably a whole load of waiting around. Waiting around for a man to ask you out on a date. Waiting around for him to get in touch afterwards. Waiting around for him to tell you that he’d like to see you again. Well, I’m not buying into this type of nonsense.

Creating success in other areas of my life meant that I had to get clear on what I wanted and go after it, so why should dating be any different? If I’m going to sign up for dating sites in Merseyside, then I’m going to get the most out of it, and be willing to take control of my own destiny.

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I’m continuing to invest in myself

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of becoming too consumed by a new relationship, and without even realising it, letting my personal life slide in other areas. I’d stop seeing my friends quite as often, I’d quit turning up for my weekly personal training sessions at the gym, and I’d forget all about the hobbies that I like to take part in during my spare time.

I recognise now that this totally wasn’t cool. If you’re getting involved in senior dating, take it from me… You absolutely can have the best of both worlds. Sure, enjoy your dates and be open to the possibilities. But remember that you’re still you, and you need to cultivate a life outside of any relationship that you might build.

I won’t waste time stalking their social accounts

We’ve all done it, right? We meet someone new, and the next thing we know, we’re three years back on their Facebook profile, checking out their exes, their cousins, and their best mates’ pets. It can be really tempting, but the reality is that it doesn’t really tell you too much about who they truly are, and it can put all kinds of things in your head that might simply not be true.

Instead, I’ll let the dates speak for themselves. I’ll go to them with no preconceptions, and enjoy them for what they really are… Two people getting to know each other, with no pressure or worries.

Do you have your own rules for modern dating? If so, I’d love to know what they are!


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