How To Feel Confident On A First Date

first date

Dating can be seriously nerve wracking business. Even if you’re absolutely smashing it in your career, you’ve got a load of friends and an active social life, and you like getting out there and meeting new people, there’s no denying that the prospect of a first date can be overwhelming.

I’ve recently decided to try online dating, so this is something that’s definitely been on my mind. Though I’m new to this particular way of finding the love of my life, this ain’t my first rodeo when it comes to going on a first date. Over the years, I’ve developed useful ways of being confident, relaxed, and ensuring that I have the best possible time, despite the nerves.

If you need to feel confident on a first date, this is what I suggest you try…

Be yourself

This might sound like the simplest of advice, but it really can’t be overestimated. If you feel hugely uncomfortable wearing high heels, for example, then don’t wear them. Wear something that you feel good in, and something that you’ve worn before so you know it’ll be comfortable. If you’ve signed up to an Isle of Man dating site, then you’ll be looking for someone you have a real connection with. It’s hard to achieve that if you don’t feel like yourself!

flower shoes

Suggest the venue

My worst nightmare is turning up to a date only to discover that we’re going to be sitting in a quiet cinema all night. There’s no chance to talk, and it just feels entirely pointless. So it makes sense to be proactive and suggest the date venue yourself. Again, this will help you to be comfortable when you’re using dating sites in Isle of Man, and it can be reassuring to be familiar with your surroundings.

Remember that if it doesn’t go well, it’s not personal

In an ideal world, dates would all go swimmingly and we’d leave feeling confident that we want to see them again, and knowing that they feel the same way. Things often don’t work out that way though, and it’s vital that you recognise that this is never a reflection on you. People just want different things, and the reality is that you’ll meet people who don’t float your boat, and sometimes they might think the same about you. There are plenty more fish in the sea, and you can simply continue your search via one of the many free dating sites that are out there.

If you didn’t feel a little nervous ahead of a first date, you wouldn’t be human. But if you want to change your circumstances, you sometimes have to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s one of those things that seems more scary than it actually is. You never know, it could be the start of something beautiful and massively rewarding!

Do you have any tips for feeling confident on a first date? I’d love to hear about them, so dive right in and leave a comment below.


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