Why I Refuse To Give Up My Expensive Gym Membership

If I had a pound for every single time that someone told me that an expensive gym membership is just completely unnecessary, I’d definitely have enough to cover the monthly fee that I continue to pay. You see, I’m fully aware that you can exercise in the great outdoors without spending a penny. I know that saving that chunk of cash instead would be a wise investment for the future.

But regardless, I’m happy to fork out my subscription charge, and that’s something that definitely isn’t going to change anytime soon. I’m not alone, either. Research from Mintel shows that 5.7 million Brits had a gym membership in 2017, and that’s expected to rise to 7 million by 2022.

I’ve thought long and hard about whether an expensive gym membership is really worth it, and the simple answer is that for me, it absolutely is. Here’s why…

Paying a fee gives me extra accountability

I like getting the most out of my money. So if I’m paying for something, I’m more likely to really commit. If there’s a morning when I feel like I just can’t be bothered to get up that extra bit early to workout, I remind myself that if I don’t, I’d be wasting my cash. And so nine times out of ten, I haul myself out of bed – and of course, I always feel better for it. If paying means that I commit and I make progress, then that’s a price that I’m happy to pay.

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Relaxing in the pool on a Sunday gets me ready for the week ahead

I love the little afternoon routine that I’ve got on Sundays. I head down to the gym and have a relaxing swim, and then spend some time in the jacuzzi and the sauna. Afterwards, I head home for a healthy dinner, and I plan my week ahead. It always leaves me feeling refreshed and revitalised, and ready to get stuck into my work. Positive routines like this one can make such a difference to your overall health and wellbeing, and it definitely gives me a mood boost.

If I’m stuck in an exercise rut, I can book a class or a training session

Most of the time, I have a workout plan that I stick to whenever I visit the gym. Sometimes though, it becomes a little boring and repetitive, and it starts to feel like a chore. When I recognise that I might be sliding into an exercise rut, I try out a new class, or I take advantage of a session with a personal trainer. There’s so much included in my gym membership that ensures that I don’t get bored of exercise.

It’s a great little community

When you first sign up for a gym membership, things can seem a little overwhelming. You quickly begin to realise though that everyone is there for the exact same reason that you are, and most people are really friendly and happy to chat. I’ve got a few friends now who I met at the gym who I’ll regularly meet up with. We’ll exercise together, and often grab a coffee or a bite to eat afterwards. It’s fantastic feeling like you’re really part of that bigger community of people with similar interests and goals.

I often use the cafe as a place to catch up on work

The cafe in my gym is pretty special. There’s always a great selection of healthy meals and snacks on offer, plus some gorgeous cakes for those days when you feel like you’ve really earned it. And so that cafe has become one of my favourite places to catch up any outstanding work that needs my attention. After my workout I often have tons of energy and focus, so for me, it makes sense to really tap into that and make the most of it. I do some of my best work in that little cafe!

Some people think that paying for a gym membership is far too indulgent, but I really couldn’t disagree more. For all these reasons, I’ll be sticking with my gym.

What about you? Are you happy to fork out the fee, or do you think it’s unnecessary?


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