6 Ideas For Bringing A Touch Of Luxury To Every Weekend

a touch of luxury

I firmly believe that enjoying a touch of luxury isn’t something that should be reserved for special occasions, or once or twice a year. Even if you’re a busy professional trying to balance a high-powered career, or you’re a mum with a young family to take care of, or even if you’re trying to cut back on your spending, there are plenty of ways to make your weekends completely wonderful.

Here are six ideas for you to try that will bring a touch of luxury to every weekend…

Invest in Egyptian cotton bedding

Nothing is more refreshing and restorative than a good night’s sleep, and if you really want to add a touch of luxury, the only viable option is to upgrade to Egyptian cotton sheets. They’re considered to be the absolute best because of their fibre make up, and they’re beautifully comfortable. Marks & Spencer is my go-to retailer when it comes to bedding, and they’ve got a wide range of styles and colours including 750-thread cottons.

Treat yourself to a face mask

A face mask can make a big difference to the look and the feel of your skin, and you don’t have to book yourself into a salon to enjoy the benefits. You can buy high quality sachets in most supermarkets these days for less than a couple of pounds, and they’re a great way to treat yourself on a weekend evening.

Get some fresh air

A long walk might not be something that many of us associate with luxury, but getting out to enjoy some nature and some quality fresh air can have such an impact on your overall feelings of health and wellbeing. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on the previous week and set your intentions for a new working week.

walking woods

Write a diary entry on beautiful paper

Writing with a quality pen on some pretty paper always feels really luxurious to me, which is partly why I write a review every single Saturday evening about the week that has just finished. Most of us don’t realise how little we physically write things down these days, since we’re all too often tied to phones or laptops. It’s a great way to make sense of your thoughts and document memories that you’ll be able to look back on in the future.

Cook a new recipe

I don’t know about you, but I tend to typically associate cooking a brand new meal with special occasions. It’s something that I’ll typically do if I’m cooking for family, or planning a dinner party. At the end of the day though, you need to eat anyway, so why not make it feel a bit more special by cooking a new recipe just because you fancy it? It could be healthy or indulgent. There are no rules here!

Set the table for dinner

Sometimes I love nothing more than watching the TV with my dinner on my knee. There’s no denying though that setting the table and eating there feels much nicer. It’s a touch of luxury that will cost you absolutely nothing at all, but could bring a real sense of occasion to your weekends. I really like to dress my table in line with the current season. For inspiration for the coming months, check out this great guide to bringing autumn into your home.

If modern life is wearing you down, why not try some of these ideas this coming weekend?


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